25 April 2022

Researchers and professors from La Salle-URL, at ACUSTICAT 2022

Researchers and professors from La Salle-URL participate this week in Granollers in the IV Congrés d'Acústica de Catalunya (ACUSTICAT) 2022, the main meeting in Catalonia on acoustics that, every two years, reflects on technological, intangible and social solutions linked to the industry. This year's edition will cover topics such as management and control, building and acoustic comfort, environmental acoustics, culture and sound, education and awareness, and health, among others.

From La Salle-URL, various researchers participate in various talks and activities:

On the other hand, Josep Martí Roca, Commissioner for Identity and Mission at La Salle-URL, member of the GTM research group and benchmark in acoustics research, is one of the nominees for the II Acusticat Award, an honorary recognition for those who They have a long professional career, research and dissemination in the field of acoustics.

ACUSTICAT is organized by the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Government of Catalonia, the Climate Action Area of ​​the Barcelona Provincial Council with the support, among others, of the Network of Cities and Towns towards Sustainability, the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Catalonia and with the collaboration and support of companies in the sector, entities and associations, such as La Salle-URL.