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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020 to Friday, 24 November, 2023
Head of project
Rosa Maria Alsina
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The aim of the project is to develop a platform that will allow environmental data to be monitored, processed and analyzed in real time, specifically noise levels and other acoustic signals, based on continuous measurements with precision instrumentation, storing the records continuously , in order to also allow post-processing and analytics on the history of all recorded data.
The project considers as a guiding thread the development of the platform as a tool based on software, for access, management, online analysis, and historical record of data extracted from monitoring, with an eye on the detection of events specific acoustics. The work plan is characterized by an integrative nature, incorporating into the system as a whole the best and most advanced resources already on the market; therefore, it avoids the need to develop advances in the field of instrumentation and/or telecommunications, focusing all efforts on the development of what is really the innovative engine that gives structure to the whole project: the smart-monitoring system (recording, automated processing, analysis algorithms, display modules and user interfaces, etc.).