Radio Club La Salle is a meeting point for people willing to study any technical subject related to the development of the service.

Created in 1997, Radio Club La Salle aims to stimulate radio telecommunications research in general. We are coordinated from the Department of Communications and Signal Theory. We promote Technical Engineering final projects. The work team is supported by volunteer collaborators.

We try to reach new challenges every year, so we carry out activities related to training and research in the field of telecommunications. We have the only national meteorological detection observatory that uses radio techniques, which collaborates with significant entities such as NASA and other universities around the world.

What Do We Do?

Radio Club La Salle is an association created to work in the development of the service, stimulating radio communications research in general. Our objectives are:

  • Preparation, editing and publication of reports and studies on tele-communications in the amateur service area.
  • Collaboration with other entities in common projects within the field of telecommunications.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and technical data between our members and the students of the university.
  • Organize conferences, exhibitions and any other activity that Contribute to the achievement of the objectives set out above.
  • To carry out projects related to the radio.

You can join The Radio in any of the following categories:

  • Fellows: They are in charge of Radio Club, control of projects, budget, etc.
  • Designers: Students who develop their Degree’s Final Project within the Radio Club.
  • Intensifiers / Specialists: Students who choose to perform development tasks in the Radio Club.
  • Collaborators: People who collaborate with the Radio Club and who usually come from the field of amateur radio.

Work areas:

  • Meteorite Observatory
  • Radio astronomy
  • Satellites
  • Hardware
  • Software Radio
  • Intensification