Presentation of the book 'Leer el futuro'

Thursday, 25 April, 2024 - 19:00
Edifici Santa Maria de l'Estrella

The campus hosts the presentation of the book Leer el futuro, a collective work written by professors and researchers from La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, which analyzes culture and technoscience after postmodernity, and in which we find the imprint of the Lasallian DNA. The event will take place on April 25 at the Edifici Santa Maria de l'Estrella and is part of the program of the Festes de La Salle 2024, which will be held from April 22 to 26.

The presentation will feature Oriol Guasch, Xavier Vilasís, Carles Llinàs and Armando Pego, who will explain all the details of a book that also has the participation of other professors and researchers on campus such as Joan Lluís Pijoan, David Miralles, Joan Cabó and Francisco Jesús Cañete. The introduction will be given by the Director of Research and Innovation at La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, Rosa M. Alsina.

Leer el futuro is a collective book of an interdisciplinary nature that reflects on the quality that seems to define the end of postmodernity: excited exhaustion and overwhelming irony. The different chapters analyze, in areas such as politics, ethics and technology, from the revolution of beliefs and customs and temporal acceleration to the impact of mobile telephony and increasing digitalization, without forgetting the neuroscientific challenges of "free will", the relationship between faith and science or the totalitarian dangers of an opulent society. Reading the future requires a retrospective exercise from both a humanistic and a scientific perspective.

The chapters of Leer el futuro have been written by members of the two research groups of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya: Research Group on Smart Society and Human-Environment Research-HER. Their respective coordinators, Xavier Vilasís and Oriol Guasch, as well as the professors of the School of Engineering Joan Lluís Pijoan and David Miralles, are responsible for the collaborations dedicated to ethical tensions and technological challenges. The part dedicated to the question of the crisis of humanism has been taken over by members of the Faculty of Philosophy Carles Llinàs, Joan Cabó, Francisco Jesús Cañete and Armando Pego, who also coordinates the book. This set of researchers have led and participated in numerous national and international research projects and have also published in the main journals of their respective specialties.