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Double Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering in Communications + in Engineering in the Management of ICTs

La Salle Campus Barcelona offers 5 double degrees in the ICT Engineering field. With the double degrees, you can finish the university studies in 5 academic years with two official degree qualifications.

Active Markets and Services in Telecommunications

This subject, taught by experts in the field, pretends to give an actual vision of the Telecommunication market´s situation and its services. With a practical approach, it enables students to complete a practical case of a communication system display.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

It is necessary to have knowledge of the subjects: Signals and Transmission Systems and Telematics.


To offer an actualized vision of the Telecommunication market´s situation and its services. It is taught by experts in the field.



1. Concept of service, grade of service, quality of service, quality of experience, service level agreement.

2. Services of Public switched telephone network
2.1. Analogy telephones
2.2. RDSI
2.3. Centrex
2.4. Intelligent network
2.5. Fax
2.6. Data about the RTC

3. Services of mobile networks
3.1. Voice services
3.2. Data services. SMS

4. Data services
4.1. Frame Relay
4.2. IP networks
4.3. VoIP

5. Services of fixed networks broadband

6. Services of mobile networks broadband

7. Final project
7.1. Business case with a selection of services for a specific company.

Part 2: MARKET

1. Telecommunication sector´s condition and its technological evolution
1.1. Sector´s parameters
1.2. Technological evolution

2. International operators market
2.1. United States case
2.2. Japan case
2.3. Europe

3. National operators market
3.1. Description of the market
3.2. Description of the principal operators
3.3 Strategies

4. CE and CMT regulation
4.2. State Aid Projects
4.3. OIR, interconnection between operators

5. Final project
5.1. Context
5.2. Market strategies of a telecommunication operator


The subject is divided in two parts: services and telecommunications market.
The classes focus in practical cases. Students shall solve a final project (practical case) that they will have to present as final work for each part.


The subject´s evaluation is based on the final practical case resolution.

Evaluation Criteria

- Analysis and synthesis capacity.
- General basic knowledge about the studied area.
- Practical cases resolution.

Basic Bibliography

Because of its practical character, this subject does not have any recommended bibliography.

Additional Material