This course is designed as a review of the main mathematical methods that are required by students of business, economics and management. It assumes only a basic knowledge of mathematical analysis, and will build slowly from fairly elementary topics to an introduction to calculus and the more complex methods used in more advanced studies.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

This course seeks to help you in:

Reviewing basic mathematical concepts.

Practicing operations and estimations of quantities.

Understanding how mathematics plays an important role in Business.


The course is structured in:

Introduction- Numbers and Expressions. Divisibility/ Percentages/ Polynomials- Equations. Transposition of Formulae/ Coordinates, slope, straight line equations/ Straight lines, systems of equations/ Parabolas. Quadratic equation/ Factorisation and Polynomials. Synthetic division/ Logarithms and Exponentials/ Differentiation - The derivative of a function/ Rules of differentiation/ The derivative of the exponential and natural logarithm functions/ Analysis of functions, maximum, minimum/ Optimization of economic functions.


There will be three weekly lectures. This will be complemented by practice problems and homework.


Class participation, coursework 20%

Mid-term examination 40%

Final examination 40%

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

The reference textbook for the course is Mathematics for Economics and Business, by Ian Jacques. Prentice Hall.

Additional Material

We will also use the College Algebra MOOC from Udacity as supporting material.