In accordance with the transparency commitment required of university institutions within the framework of the EHEA, and in accordance with the design and implementation procedures for university degrees set forth in Royal Decree (RD) 1393/2007, which governs official university education, modified by RD 861/2010 and RD 43/2015, universities are duty-bound, through the confidence placed in them by society in their autonomous management, to ensure that their actions guarantee the attainment of the objectives associated with the education they provide. To achieve this, universities must have policies and internal quality management systems (IQAS) that are formally established and publicly available. ANECA, ACSUG and AQU Catalunya are jointly responsible for the AUDIT programme, which aims to:

  • Foster the development and implementation of the IQAS for higher education at university centres and other higher education institutions, integrating all existing activities related to the teaching quality guarantee and ensuring that the IQAS is the instrument used in monitoring educational programmes.
  • Implement a programme that contributes to the recognition of the design of the IQAS by assessing whether the IQAS design is adequate, with subsequent certification of the implemented IQAS.

The AUDIT programme

The AUDIT programme comprises three phases. The first phase: orientation of the IQAS design. The second phase: assessment of the IQMS. The third phase: certification of the implemented IQAS.

AUDIT AQU Programme


Internal Quality Assurance System

La Salle URL presented the design of its IQAS in July 2010, which was approved by AQU Catalunya in October 2010. After receiving approval, La Salle URL initiated implementation of the IQAS and its subsequent continuous improvement.

Process Map


Biennial Reports

Biennial IQMS Report 2012-2014
Biennial IQMS Report 2014-2016
Biennial IQMS Report 2016-2018

IQAS Evaluation Reports

IQAS Certification Report

This hallmark distinguishes units that have passed the verification process confirming that their internal quality assurance system (IQAS) is implemented and is suitable in order to assure the quality of the study programmes being delivered at the unit.

IQAS certification demonstrates that the teaching unit reviews, analyses and enhances the study programmes it delivers.

Valid until:4/29/2026

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