Raquel Ros Espinoza

Raquel Ros Espinoza
Sant Jaume Hilari
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona
Department of Engineering
Research Group on Media Technologies
Research Group

I´m currently a researcher at the Group on Media Technologies (GTM) working in the area of Human-Robot Interaction. I graduated on Computer Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on 2003 and then started my PhD at the Institut d´Investigació en Intel.ligència Artificial (IIIA-CSIC) where I had the opportunity to work with robots for the first time. On 2008 I moved to Toulouse as a Marie-Curie fellow to work in the area of HRI at the Laboratoire d´Analyse et d´Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS-CNRS). After an great experience working with robots in collaboration with humans I moved to Imperial College London (Personal Robotics Lab) to continue my research on social robots in educational environments. I next decided to try industry and make a pause in academia, and worked at Cambridge Consultants as user-center designer. After all these years I discovered that my research ambition is focused on studying human-robot interaction and its interdisciplinary connection with cognitive sciences, psychology, sociology, health and education, with emphasis on long-term interaction. Moreover, at La Salle my role is to expand the current offer in robotics both in research and teaching.