Fernando Ozores Barbany

Fernando Ozores Barbany
Mobile work
Sant Jaume Hilari
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona
Department of Management and Technology

My professional experience is linked to new business development and innovation (products, services and business models). I am a facilitator of creativity workshops and specialist of innovation processes (from opportunity recognition to market launching).

My first years were in 2 different multinationals involved in the development and launching of new products (L´Oréal, Atos). In the last 10 years, I have been running my own innovation agency: Buenaidea. From there, we help organisations with the innovation processes: make efforts have a bigger and faster return. Buenaidea works with local SMEs, but also with multinationals like Seat, Phone House or Chupa Chups.

Besides this, I spend part of my time in Barcelonactiva and La Salle to support future entrepreneurs and innovators with methods and tools that reduce the risk and accelerate the results of new projects.

See you in class!