21 January 2022

La Salle-URL presents to the consellera Gemma Geis the university's educational project and the deployment of IASlab, the future multisensory hub for southern Europe

The head of the Conselleria de Recerca i Universitats visits the Campus facilities to learn about the differential aspects of La Salle-URL, the Smart Learning educational model and the main research and transfer projects of the university

The consellera de Recerca i Universitats of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Gemma Geis, has visited the La Salle-URL Campus to learn first-hand about the center's university project, the implementation of the new educational model and some of the spaces where the university research and knowledge transfer takes place: the Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia (IoTiCAT) and the future Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory (IASlab), which will become the multisensory hub for southern Europe. The meeting has also served to highlight the innovative and entrepreneurial side of La Salle-URL and its link with the business world.  

Consellera Geis has been able to experience first-hand the virtues of Smart Learning thanks to a demonstration of the operation of the new educational model of La Salle-URL, which facilitates training without barriers and allows the synchrony of the learning process regardless of the specific location of each student. Later, he toured the IoTiCAT facilities, the space that hosts multidisciplinary research at La Salle-URL focused on the virtual world where machines speak, and learned details about the deployment of IASlab, the project through which the Campus will be a European benchmark in the study of the interaction between the real world and the virtual world and the implications and possibilities of this future paradigm of relationships between human beings and machines in the metaverse.

The meeting was part of the visit of representatives of the Ministry of Research and Universities to the Ramon Llull University. First thing in the morning, the Minister Gemma Geis and her team visited the Rector's Office of the URL and later, at mid-morning, they traveled with the Rector, Josep Maria Garrell, to the La Salle-URL Campus; here they met the general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​Josep M. Santos, and other representatives of the Management Team, who guided the tour of the Campus facilities and explained the center's projects to Minister Geis and her team.