15 September 2016

La Salle-URL participates in BAXI’s smart clothing collection connecting with household heating/cooling systems

HVAC systems company BAXI has developed The BAXI Project, the first collection of smart clothing that will connect people with home devices to achieve the optimal ultra personalized climatic comfort.

The research Group on Media Technologies team (GTM) of La Salle-URL, formed by Marc Aragonès, Ferran Orga, Marcos Hervas and Rosa Ma Alsina, has participated in the project with the BAXI R&D team to get the target. Specifically, it has developed a wearable for a piece of clothing capable of measuring the body temperature of the wearer and send this information to the home devices that control the temperature.

The designer Modesto Lomba has been the creator of The BAXI Project collection designs, which also featured model Martina Klein in its presentation in Madrid on September 14 in The Mood Project. The technological solution provided by GTM researchers is a wearable consisting of a set of sensors distributed at selected points to measure body temperature. Two of the sensors are placed on the sleeves to collect peripheral temperature, and two in the armpits, monitoring the core body temperature. In addition, one measures humidity, decisive parameter for the thermal sensation. By a microcontroller, all data is collected and synchronized to be sent to a mobile application that stores data in the cloud, while allowing consultation and processing.


All data captured by the garment and transmitted to the application are analyzed to determine the relationship between the central and peripheral temperature and draw comfort conclusions at all times that the measurement is made.

This technological application will be used to monitor the temperature of each family member, the state of comfort and even receive notifications in specific cases such as fever, hypothermia or other health-related warnings. With the data obtained will be possible to transmit all the information to the device which regulates the household heating/cooling systems (thermostat or air conditioning application) to adjust the temperature at all times.