07 September 2023

La Salle-URL experts star in a new section of the "Revolució 4.0" program on Catalunya Ràdio

The RNE4 "L'Altra Ràdio" program also incorporates a section on humanism and technology led by the campus

The "Revolució 4.0" program on Catalunya Ràdio, a benchmark in scientific and technological dissemination, incorporates in its new season the 'Tech Talks' section, in which monthly experts from La Salle-URL reflect on current issues related to technology, innovation and humanism, among others. The space has the participation of professors, researchers and campus managers, who from their experience and knowledge help the audience to understand the new digital era.

From an informative point of view, the section addresses issues that are of interest to society linked to the fields of knowledge of La Salle-URL, and in which the campus is an expert through its educators, researchers and professionals. Thus, throughout the radio season, topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the challenges of architecture, digital art, future skills, neuroscience and many more will be discussed. The section, which lasts about ten minutes, offers pills of knowledge of each one of these topics, always looking for the most practical aspect, the closest reading to the citizen reality.

A reference program on digital technologies

"Revolució 4.0" has been broadcast on Catalunya Ràdio since 2017, having become one of the most important dissemination spaces for thinking about the changes and transformations derived from the digital revolution. Through all its sections, reflections are made on digital technologies, entrepreneurship, startups, digital transformation, innovation, economy, sustainability, creativity and new leadership, all of which are clearly linked to the value proposition of La Salle-URL.

Lately, the program has focused on explaining what Catalonia will be like in 2030, focusing on five revolutions: sustainability and climate change; connectivity; holograms and space; digital talent and the metaverse; and digital education and research. The journalist Xantal Llavina is the presenter and has collaborators such as the economist Santiago Niño Becerra and the writer Xavier Marcet. During all these years the program has received various awards and recognitions for its scientific communication and outreach work.

Section in the program "L'Altra Ràdio" of RNE4

​Also during the month of September, La Salle-URL has started a collaboration with the RNE4 program "L'Altra Ràdio" specialized in telecommunications and audiovisual culture, one of the oldest spaces on Catalan radio with more than 40 seasons on the air. "L'Altra Ràdio" is presented by Cinto Niqui and reflects on new audiovisual technologies and their impact on society, while reviewing the history of communications. The monthly section of La Salle-URL talks about humanism and technology, and is led by Carles Llinàs, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy La Salle-URL.

'Tech talks' 

With Josep Maria Ribes, Director of Academic Planning at La Salle-URL, and Xavier Vilasís, Full Professor at La Salle-URL and expert in AI and Data Science. The two experts from La Salle-URL reflect on the role of artificial intelligence in the university world, how it should enter the classrooms and what use teachers and students should make of it. In addition, they talk about how to teach to use this technology.