15 April 2024

La Salle universities organize the Cátedra Internacional ODS

La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull joins forces with La Salle universities in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico to find solutions to global problems

With the purpose of achieving a more just world and raising awareness about the need to think about more sustainable societies, several La Salle universities from around the world come together to organize the Cátedra Internacional ODS, a day of reflection and analysis that seeks to find shared solutions to global problems.

With the Sustainable Development Goals as a reference and the encyclical Laudato Si' as a guide, La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull together with Lasallian universities Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have analyzed the current context and the work that must be done for the take care of everyone's home, and thus make the world a better place to live. All universities participating in the event are part of the International Association of La Salle Universities (IALU).

The Cátedra Internacional ODS took place over one day, April 17. During this day, teachers, researchers, experts and students reflected on issues related to sustainability, the economy and education.

The day has been opened by the rectors' presentation, entitled 'The role of sustainability in Lasallian universities', in which has participated the General Director of the campus, Josep M. Santos, and immediately afterwards there have been a conference by Josep M. Piqué, Executive President of La Salle Technova, the innovation park of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, titled 'SDG Challenges: educating in commitment'; and that of María de Lourdes Borges, researcher at the La Salle University of Brazil, who has reflected on 'Environmental education for the common home'.

After these three conferences, Bendreff Desilus's turn has come, researcher at the La Salle University of Mexico, who took an approach to heterodox macroeconomics for the sustained growth of Mexico. And finally, several students have debated in a round table titled 'Practices to mitigate climate change', in which has participated Rafel Jaume, President of Technova Young.