08 March 2022

La Salle Campus Barcelona integrates the Faculty of Philosophy of the URL into its educational and knowledge ecosystem

The incorporation of this Faculty strengthens the transversality and the humanistic character of the Campus de La Salle-URL

​​La Salle Campus Barcelona strengthens its educational and knowledge ecosystem with the incorporation of the Faculty of Philosophy of the URL, a university center with a long tradition in philosophical studies in Catalonia that, since the 1980s, has acted as a facilitator of dialogue in modern society. The transfer of the management of the Faculty of Philosophy of the URL, which until now was in the hands of the Archbishopric of Barcelona, ​​​​has been recently signed and will be effective from the 22-23 academic year that begins in September.

"Humanism and philosophy are essential tools for improving society and accompanying a rapid technological change with a high social impact", explains Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle-URL. Along these lines, La Salle-URL wants to lead, through its Faculty of Philosophy, the debate on the ethical and technological challenges of society, addressing scientific advances and progress from a critical, holistic and ethical perspective. "We want to exercise and teach a philosophy based on yesterday and today that is capable of shaping tomorrow," says Josep M. Santos.

Philosophy and humanism to understand the world and address the technologies of the future 

​​The Faculty of Philosophy at La Salle-URL will be a space for reflection to understand the current world and contribute to the construction of the future, rooted in the origins of thought and knowledge and committed to a flexible philosophy based on real problems. The Faculty will be nurtured by the innovative, entrepreneurial and transversal ecosystem of La Salle Campus Barcelona to be the engine for generating critical and transcendent knowledge in all areas of the university: engineering, architecture, management, as well as animation and digital arts.

Artificial intelligence, the interconnection of the individual with technology, neuroscience and transhumanism, among others, are current issues that need to be addressed from a humanistic and ethical perspective. The Faculty of Philosophy at La Salle-URL will reflect on technology, considering its practical utility and also its moral implications. "We will promote deep thought and the dignity of the spirit, to illuminate the paths of a complex, diverse and inclusive society with realism and creativity", adds Dr. Carles Llinàs, Dean of the Faculty. Some of the great philosophical references of the moment in Spain are part of the faculty, such as Dr. Francesc Torralba and Dr. Joan García del Muro.

A Faculty of Philosophy with an international focus and a desire for sustainable leadership 

“The gaze rooted in deep thought is the most necessary today in our society to accompany the development of competent technicians, artists and professionals”, explains Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle Campus Barcelona. Thus, the Faculty of Philosophy is integrated into La Salle-URL as a field of thought connected to today's world, with an international focus and wanting to promote sustainable, technological and transversal leadership of 21st century professionals.

The Faculty will teach two degrees: the degree in Philosophy and the degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. In addition, the incorporation of postgraduate studies is in process. Thus, La Salle-URL adds a new pillar to its university structure, to enrich and complement it, connecting with the values ​​and legacy of both La Salle, which has promoted comprehensive education for more than 300 years, and Ramon Llull University, which puts being and knowing at the center since its foundation.