22 September 2016

Josep M. Piqué, CEO of La Salle Technova Barcelona, has been elected new President of IASP

Josep M. Piqué has been named as the new International President of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation), at the 33rd world conference of the association in Moscow, Russia.

The international board of the IASP is led by new chairman Josep M. Piqué, CEO of La Salle Technova Barcelona in Spain, who will take the place of former President Jean-François Balducchi. The appointment was made at the closing conference of the IASP held on September 22 in Moscow, Russia. Josep M. Piqué began his two years in office, after serving as Vice President of IASP over the past two years. He will lead the board of the IASP which consists of 14 members from 13 different countries and meets twice a year.

Josep M. Piqué, in his words of acceptance of office, has highlighted the evolution of this institution and his five primary objectives for his two-year term:
IASP is a global organization that during its 32 years of existence has been a meeting of science and technology parks, and areas of innovation around the world. The evolution of universities in the implementation of science parks has been shown, learning and sharing territorial development through technology parks, and has promoted and encouraged the areas of innovation. The common factor has been creating innovation ecosystems that impact the urban, economic and social transformation of their communities. I will do my command with the development of a strategic plan to respond to the great challenge and responsibility to the IASP in the coming years: to be the network of global innovation system. To this end, I intend to work in five main strategic objectives:

  • First, to train and share knowledge with park managers to give response to their local ecosystems connection with the global innovation system.
  • Second, to systematize international mobility between companies, technology centers, talent, technology and funding.
  • Third, to establish a formal dialogue with major technology corporations and demand innovation organizations, and systematically connect them with the network of parks.
  • Fourth, to formalize and strengthen relations with international institutions and organizations like the United Nations or Brooking Institution, for the development of alliances and positioning of the parks as benchmarks in innovation.
  • And fifth, to deepen the recognition of new agents and formulas for creating innovation ecosystems to learn and develop synergies with and within them, such as the Hub Lab and Think labs, said Josep M. Piqué, President of IASP, during his nomination speech.

Josep M. Piqué