10 May 2023

The IALU Board meets at Saint Mary's University in California

​The Internacional Association La Salle Universities (IALU) has held its Board at Saint Mary's College in California (United States), the first after the celebration, in November 2022, of the XIII IALU Encuentro at La Salle Campus Barcelona and the Beauvais campus of UniLaSalle France. The attendees reviewed the main developments of the association since November and began to prioritize the projects that are part of the IALU 2025 Action Plan, outlined in Barcelona during the Encuentro.

With this Action Plan, IALU seeks to promote social innovation, accessible quality education and the training of qualified and committed transformation agents. The association of Lasallian universities, which has 64 centers around the world and more than 300,000 students, wants to strengthen its role as a trainer of people who help transform society and as a promoter of the democratization of knowledge for a more inclusive and sustainable future. IALU members also discussed upcoming IALU activities, including the meeting of representatives of the IALU universities that make up the Europe and French Speaking Africa Region, to be held in Paris on June 13 and 14. La Salle Campus Barcelona is one of the universities that are part of the region.

The IALU Board meeting was attended by the Vicar General of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Brother Carlos Gómez; the President of the IALU, Brother Andrés Govela; the Vice President of the IALU, David Livingston; and the five Regional Directors, including Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle-URL and highest representative of the IALU's Europe and French Speaking Africa Region. The other regional Directors of the IALU, also present at the meeting, are Daniel Allen (North America, Bethlehem and English speaking Africa), Lourdes Lavaniegos (Mexico Region), Brother Manuel Orozco (South and Central America Region) and Brother Kenneth Martínez (Asia and Pacific Islands Region). The treasurer, Philipee Choquet, and  leaders of the three IALU committees also attended the Board: Brother Jack Curran (mission), Joan Landeros (internationalization) and Carmelita Quebencgo (research).