1. Subject data: 1.1. Code: MA102. 1.2. Subject type: Mandatory 1.3. Duration: First semester 1.4. Credits ECTS: 3 (S1) 1.5. Teacher in charge: Xavier Català 1.6. Language: Spanish
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Program Coordinator
Previous Knowledge

- University graduates: Undergraduate and graduate architects, construction engineers, civil engineers,…
- Other university graduates with experience in the field of structures, projects, calculus and execution.


Enhancement of the reflective and creative capacity.
Knowledge of most significant ideas and approaches of the technical industrial contemporary thinking.
Better understanding of human relationship background, so better capacity for solving conflicts and leading teams.
Building a conceptual base that helps accessing specific readings as well as deepening in topics of general interest.
Focusing in the language and its shaping and creative capacity. Better care on how to use the words and how to communicate.
Training in Project Management using Techniques and Tool that will enable students to get familiar with the Administration and Management of all type of Projects.
Acquiring practical knowledge in business management, developing the necessary abilities in Project Management and also in corporate Management through projects

The course will prepare students for:
- Performing self-assessment about professional career.
- Identifying personal values.
- Setting professional targets short, medium and long term.
- Elaborating CV adapted to the market and to the desired position.
- Identifying the different phases on a negotiation process.
- Deciding the best generic strategy in a negotiation process.
- Making effective presentation in front of an audience.
- Creating a personal brand in the digital environment.


Communication and professional language.
Tools and techniques in Project management.
Acquiring practical knowledge in business management, developing the necessary abilities in Project Management and also in corporate Management through projects.

The course is presented as a journey starting with the self-awareness phase, focusing in personal values, from where interests are identified and professional targets are set. Then, it presents the fundamental tools necessary for elaborating a good professional marketing (Resume, interview, networking and social media) which are supplemented with transversal type competencies (negotiation, meeting management and giving public presentations).
The journey ends reviewing professional ethics which can be considered as a practical reflection of the own values, closing this way the loop.
- Personal self-awareness.
- Values.
- Interests.
- Competencies
- Achievements.
- Projects/professional alternatives.
- Effective communication.
- Presentations.
- Negotiation skills.
- Meeting management.
- CV
- Interview.
- Effective networking.
- Creating of a personal Brand image.
- Professional ethics.


Workshops 26 35
Studies and individual/group works 23 25
Presentations, communication activities 26 60
No sé com quadra això am les 16 hores lectives que té l'assigantura

The teaching of the course may combine the presentation of concepts with practical cases and exercises all in the same class. Students can customize their own work and are encourage making questions adapted to their specific case.
During the self-awareness phase participant students will perform several tests and activities that will help them to deepen in the topic, while for what is negotiation and presentations, in addition to theory explanations, videos are watched and role-play activities are performed in class.
Also the different ethic codes of the industrial sector are discussed and analyzed.


Individual/group work 40.0
Presenting work in front of an audience 20.0
Class attendance and participation 20.0
Exams 20.0

The evaluation methodology emphasizes on the implementation at a personal level of the acquired knowledge, allowing students to use their assignment beyond the scope of the course. As an example of an assignment, it can be required to students to prepare a resume adapted to their professional objectives previously defined by themselves and following the guidelines for readability and realization taught in the course.

Evaluation Criteria

Some of the evaluation systems can score individually in a 0 - 10 or 0 -100 scale or similar. In this particular case, the contribution to the final score will be the result of multiplying the points attained, converted to a 0 -10 scale, by the specific weight designated by the evaluation system.
Exam with 20 questions.
Student result: 15 points
Contribution to final score: (15 / 20) x 10 x 50% = 3,75 points

Basic Bibliography

The 7 habits of highly effective people. Stephen Covey
The One Minute Negotiator. George Lucas, Don Hutson

Additional Material