21 November 2016

A group of students of Management of Business and Technology win the competition ‘Innovate or Die’

A team of students from La Salle-URL wins the “Innovate or Die” contest, a Finish competition of innovation in which 120 university students worked in teams to generate creative solutions to real challenges posed by companies.

Pau Fernández, David del Cerro, Paulina Molinari and Federica Ferrazano are the students in first grade of Bachelor Degree in Management Business and Technology that have won the competition against six teams that competed in the same challenge: a marketing campaign for Benetton.

This competition was held for 24 hours on October 27 and 28. At the beginning of the day, the participating companies Blue BBVA, Benetton Fragrances, CETT Group and Pyrum, proposed its challenges, and the teams had to devise solutions with the support of a group of Finnish entrepreneurs from Team Academy, and mentors. At the end of the meeting young people presented their projects to business representatives. The team of students from La Salle raised the best solution for Benetton with a marketing plan that combined public relations, sale point and event. Therefore, it was the team selected by the company and received a prize of 1000 €. In addition, before the event youth participants were trained in Teamlabs where they learned the basic principles of design thinking, idea generation tools, leadership and prototyping, issues that are already enhanced from the Bachelor Degree they are studying in La Salle.

Innovate or Dire winners La Salle-URL

The “Innovate or Die” initiative in Barcelona is organized by Inti, a company formed by 18 young entrepreneurs who have learned an innovative Finnish methodology, Team Academy, that is not based on classes or teachers, but on the “learning by doing” principles and teamwork. The original idea was born in Jyväskylä, Finland in 2013 by a team of entrepreneurs in the Timiiakatemia University. Three years later, the event has been held in 3 different countries and with the premiere in Barcelona a total of four cities have already hosted it.


Explanation of the project winners