La Salle Campus Barcelona, a founding member of the Ramon Llull University, is a world benchmark in university education. Our success is based on the educational quality and our capacity to respond to the ever-changing needs of society at all times. We have a strong commitment to technology in all our undergraduate, master and specialization programs.

These differential values set La Salle Campus Barcelona apart as a new university model, with a strong international vision and a practical approach to training, together with an advanced application of technology aimed at fomenting business innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.

  • International Stages: We organise international stages all over the world that allow you to experience the cultural and economic reality of the cities at the forefront of innovation and specific knowledge areas.
  • Methodology learning by challenge: Our practical learning by challenge methodology is applied in works-hops and real projects that you will work on.
  • We boost your entrepreneurial profile: If you have an entrepreneurial profile, we will help you set up your own company. You will have the support of the Business School and Technova Barcelona, our on-campus Business Innovation park, to turn your idea into a reality.
  • Specializations to respond to the labour market: At La Salle Campus Barcelona we are constantly updating our specializations in response to needs of the job market. Current examples would be the digital transformation of companies or digital marketing.
  • Careers Office: Our Careers Office manages 4,500 job opportunities and 700 company placements agreements per year.
  • Personalized career mentoring: We guide and suport you throughout your experience at La Salle Campus Barcelona with personalized tutorials and mentoring.
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