This subject is basically for Master´s second-course students. The subject´s main objective is to introduce the student into the domotics world. Besides, it is the second stage to do the Master´s Final Project.
Type Subject
Previous Knowledge

Basic knowledge in electricity, programming and electric and telecommunications installations are necessary.
Students must have completed the basics domotics course.


Study the specific aspects of domotics and control systems for houses and buildings.
Some of these aspects are:
- Assistance domotics
- Therapeutic domotics
- Energy efficiency
- Security in the domotics communication
- User interface


Advanced domotics knowledge.


The first part of the subject is on-campus and it is obligatory to attend a group of seminars that are taught at noon. The rest of the course has a blended format and each student shall hand in a report with their conclusions about the works they have made.
This subject does not have exam.


The Final works and the attendance and participation to the seminars will be evaluated such as the different assignments students will have to complete along the semester.
The final work will be 50% of the grade, home works a 25% and the attendance and participation in class is the other 25%.
To pass the subject students must attend to the 80% of the classes and seminars.

Basic Bibliography