06 February 2023

The Corporate Board Council of La Salle-URL launches CBC News, its magazine with news about members

At the beginning of the academic year, in September, La Salle-URL established its Corporate Board Council (CBC) to deepen active collaboration between large companies and the La Salle-URL university ecosystem. Some fifteen leading companies, institutions and entities joined this strategic project to promote the development of entrepreneurship and economic-social cooperation for the benefit of society.

Within the framework of this Corporate Board Council of La Salle-URL, CBC News is now born, a magazine that collects information and news related to the Council, at the same time that serves as a means of communication for outstanding news about the members of the CBC. The newsletter is published quarterly and is distributed among the members of the Council, among the La Salle-URL university community, and is accessible to everyone through the CBC section on the La Salle Campus Barcelona website.

The magazine consists of various sections: an editorial, CBC news, an outreach article, an interview, a La Salle-URL news section, and a section with news from CBC member companies. In the first issue, published at the end of December, there is an interview with Blanca Sorigué, General Director of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), and an article by Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle-URL and Co-President of the Corporate Board Council, in which he explains the purpose of the CBC: "This Council was created to benefit the interests of all of us who are part of it, but above all to transform society. We have to promote the future we imagine together, lead it together, work it together".