29 June 2023

Congratulations, graduates!

La Salle-URL celebrates the promotions of the 22-23 academic year of all degrees

The undergraduate students who are finishing their studies at La Salle-URL this year celebrated the Graduation Ceremonies for the 22-23 academic year on June 27 and 28. There were four events with which the students celebrated the culmination of their stage of academic and personal training on campus and, accompanied by family members and educators, began to look to the future knowing that they are already part of the La Salle network and history.

Students graduated from Architecture degrees, taught by the School of Architecture La Salle-URL (ETSALS); degrees in Engineering and degrees in Animation & VFX and Digital Arts, all taught by the School of Engineering La Salle-URL (ETSELS); Business and Management degrees, taught by the International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy La Salle-URL (FICEDLS); and Philosophy degrees, which are taught by the Faculty of Philosophy La Salle-URL.

More than 300 students attended the celebrations. At the same time, more than 1,200 family members and companions enjoyed the Graduation Ceremonies at La Salle Bonanova Theater and many more followed the ceremonies virtually via streaming. The ceremonies were also attended by teachers, coordinators and grade tutors; and also administration and services staff, all educators from La Salle-URL.

The four events were attended by Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle-URL; the Deans and Directors of schools; the Academic Directors, Directors and Coordinators of the degrees; and two representatives of the Ramon Llull University: the Rector, Josep Rom; and the Vice-Rector for Organization and Academic Quality, Elisabet Golobardes. In addition, all the acts had a godmother or godfather, the figure that endorses the promotion. The four people who sponsored the promotions of the 22-23 academic year of La Salle-URL were:

  • Cai Felip, CEO of Union Avatars, Godfather of the Animation & VFX and Digital Arts degrees
  • Natàlia Prats, Director of Technological and Digital Infrastructures of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, Godmother of the Engineering degrees
  • Francesc Torralba, philosopher and Full Professor at Ramon Llull University, Godfather of the Architecture and Philosophy degrees
  • Eduard Marfà, Global Marketing Director de Siemens, Godfather of the Business and Management degrees

The La Salle-URL Flickr profile has all the photographs of the four graduation acts:

  1. The Animation & VFX & Digital Arts Graduation Ceremony
  2. The Engineering Graduation Ceremony
  3. The Architecture and Philosophy Graduation Ceremony
  4. The Business and Management Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations, graduates, La Salle-URL is proud of you!