05 April 2024

The Beyond Boundaries Global Festival congress brings together artificial intelligence experts to analyze the challenges and the future of the discipline

The campus hosts a series of conferences to share reflections, analyses and knowledge on the evolution of AI

La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull campus has hosted The Beyond Boundaries Global Festival, an event in which artificial intelligence professionals gather to exchange experiences and knowledge and debate the challenges and future of the discipline. The congress was held at a time of full technological revolution in which artificial intelligence is setting up a stage of great change.

Organized by Conversation Design Institute, RMIT and La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, the presentations, talks and related activities take place in different spaces on campus between April 25 and 26. The inaugural speech was given by the Director of the La Salle Digital Engineering School (ETSELS), Guiomar Corral, who remarked on the technological nature of the campus and the opportunity it represents to host a congress like this.

One of the speakers at the congress, the Professor and Researcher at La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon LlullXavier Vilasís, analyses some of the capabilities and applications of AI: "You are able to generate something that looks consistent or realistic, let it be an image or let it be a piece of text with a certain degree of randomness following a certain context”. And he adds: “The power of this is that the feeling we have humans with respect to these images or these texts that are created is that we really feel them as being genuinely generated by a person”.

The event has been a great opportunity to introduce technologies related to conversational and generative AI, and thus show their achievements and current perspectives in a collaborative environment, as well as the ethical implications of the rise of this technology: “It is very important to check what is ethical and what is not in the applications we are designing, because we have access to so much information and we can retrieve so much insight through conversation and we have the power to process it at large scale that people may feel their rights vulnerated", concludes Vilasís.

For two days, attendees from all over the world took part in a congress that, through conferences and meetings, explained the latest generation of these technologies and allowed them to evaluate their true potential now that the initial anticipation generated by OpenAI's ChatGPT is turning into a solid opportunity for a technology that it will definitely stay.

The Beyond Boundaries Global Festival is a meeting point between organizations, corporations and academia. Technology generators and providers will meet with users and present use cases, best practices and challenges through talks, roundtables and workshops. In addition, the format allows for great networking opportunities, to have good perspectives on the state of technology and to devise its strategic possibilities.