The admission process for the 2023–2024 course started on 2nd November and will remain open until the program is full. We recommend that you start the admission process before finishing your pre-University studies.
Admission Process La Salle Campus Barcelona

Sign up on our online platform and fill the required details.

  • ID or passport and photo.
  • Motivation letter.
  • English Certificate: TOEFL with a mark of (IBT) 90-110, B2 certificate (optional), Cambridge Advanced English or IELTS with a mark of 6-7, Cambridge English or IELTS certificates: if you do not provide them, you will be required to carry out an interview in English (Only for students that want to study the degree in English)
  • Academic transcripts
    • ​If you are studying in the Spanish education system:
      • Grades from 1st and 2nd year of Spanish Baccalaureate or Advanced Vocational Training Diploma.
    • If you are studying in another country, outside of the Spanish education system:
      • Grades from the final two years of study.
      • European Baccalaureate Diploma or International Baccalaureate Diploma, if already successfully completed: final 2 years.
      • Recommendation letter if you are an international student.
    • If you are an Undergraduate student:
      • Academic transcripts and Academic Programme from your university.
  • Admission process fee. Please attach the receipt of the bank transfer for the amount of €100 (non-refundable) made via Flywire or via bank transfer to Banco Santander:
    • IBAN: ES37 0049 4750 1921 1601 7071
    • Bank: Banco Santander
    • Address: c/ Mandri, 34 - 08022 Barcelona (España)
    • Phone: +34 932127035
  • Animation and VFX: A Story Board of 8 vignettes describing a story and you may optionally also define an original character.
  • Architecture Studies: Portfolio with at least 3 artistic, graphic or visual documents (designs, drawings, etc.).
  • Business Management: Knowledge and motivational test, everything online.
  • Digital Arts: Portfolio and a drawing of an original character and a landscape. If you don't have a portfolio, an artistic comment of a piece of art can be submitted instead.
  • Engineering and Technology: A research essay or a 2-page essay in which you describe a technological idea.
  • Health Engineering: A research work related to the health field or a 2-page essay where you develop a technological idea applied to the health field that you would like to be able to implement. And a visualization essay on how you see yourself professionally at the end of the degree.
  • Philosophy and Humanities: Take a test to assess your knowledge and skills.

Personal or online interview with the degree coordinator, if necessary.

The Admissions Committee will evaluate your application and notify their decision within a maximum of 15 days.

In order to formally reserve your place you will need to pay 1,500€ (non-refundable, except in the event you are not finally accepted at the university):

  • 100€ covers the admission fee of opening your academic record.
  • 1,400€ goes towards payment of your tuition fees.
  • Spanish education system: University Access Exam (PAU) or Advanced Vocational Training.
  • IB students + EU education systems: UNED Credential (done by UNEDasiss)
  • Non EU education systems: certificate accrediting studies [homologación in Spanish] from the Spanish Ministry of Education or the Catalan Government (Education Department).
Prices 2023-2024
Tuition Fee 13,680€
digital arts, Animation & VFX 
Tuition Fee 10,380€
Digital Business, Design and Innovation*
Tuition Fee 15,780€
Double Degree qualification in International Computer Engineering and Management of Business and Technology*
Tuition Fee 16,188€
Tuition Fee 13,680€
ict Engineering Technologies
Tuition Fee 9,660€
Management and technology* / International Computer Engineering* / BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE
Tuition Fee 13,680€
Tuition Fee 6,960€

*International stages included based on the student's academic performance. Subject to change.​

Cost per 60 credits. Tuition fees for subsequent years will be calculated according to the number of credits taken and inflation, and therefore may change every year. La Salle reserves the rights to unilaterally cancel any program. In this case, we will only refund the amount that the student has paid until that moment in a maximum of 30 days after the scheduled start date of the program.

Admissions Department

Sant Joan de La Salle, 42 - 08022 Barcelona
Telf: +34 93 290 24 05