27 June 2017

80th edition of La Salle Breakfast - Xavier Albaladejo: "The organizational structure of a company is not tied to the value chain"

In this last edition of La Salle Breakfast, a workshop was held to learn how to use agile methods in the digital age.

Silvia Sistaré and Xavier Albaladejo, Coordinators of the Master in Agile Methods of La Salle-URL, have been in charge of driving this new edition. The Workshop has begun with the presentation of each of the participants in the session. The coordinators have pointed out that one of the pillars in which they focus more is the prioritization of the value for the business. They add that they seek, on the one hand, people oriented to the final product to have a faster and more real feedback and, on the other hand, high-performance teams so that they are the most autonomous, stable, multidisciplinary and motivational possible.

According to Albaladejo and Sistaré, the main factors that cause companies to not be agile is due to: firstly, a cultural theme of the company itself; Next, because the workers do their jobs without knowing very well why; Also, because the management figure does not fully support the workers. In addition to the companies there is a resistance to change by some sectors, finally, there is a lack of involvement of business people.

Xavier Albaladejo

The public has had to specify the five elements that have the most impact in their work context. The experts have ordered the three elements that have the greatest impact on the public. The first component is the little collaboration between departments, the second element is that the workers are unmotivated and lack of knowledge, and the last is that there are inappropriate product owners in companies. The conductors of the session have invited us to reflect and present some solutions and to think whether these are enough to carry out projects. Both add and agree that "the organizational structure of a company is not tied to the value chain." Likewise, people must be incorporated and involved in this great value chain.

The items to keep in mind are: change with a common goal and involve only those who really know what they are doing. How Selecting business people who are the ambassadors of your company. That is why we need to set up a small group that is willing to change. Xavier Albaladejo believes that "the agile is not to die or be the first". There are two ways to change: from top to bottom (top-down) and from bottom to bottom (bottom-up) although in this case we also need support from the above. To work in a team, it is necessary to keep in mind that the two parties have to share and have the same principles and from there some aspects can be improved.

In short, and taking into account the conclusions of the public: culture is changing and one of the main problems is that companies are not aligned with value chains. This causes very small customer feedback. We need to know exactly our purposes and start the project with those business people who really know what we have to do.
This conference has closed the La Salle Breakfast cycle of the course that will be resumed in September.