30 May 2017

79th edition of LSBreakfast - Colin McElwee, "The technology seen with an opportunity to encourage reading habits"

New session of the cicle La Salle Breakfast at La Salle-URL.

Today held a new session of La Salle Breakfast of La Salle-URL in the hands of expert and pioneer in Digital Branding and Digital Marketing, Dr. Gemma Vallet, program director, Social Media Branding & Digital Strategy of La Salle-URL, and the co-founder of the startup WorldreaderColin McElwee. In this 79th edition has treated technology as a catalyst for change, particularly in education. This premise has been discussed using the example of Worldreader which use technology as an opportunity to promote reading habits and reduce illiteracy through reading digital applications.

They started in 2010 and now have 5 million digital readers worldwide. In the conference Colin McElwee compared smartphones that exist now and 10 years ago. This comparative wanted attendees to reflect on the great opportunities provided by the technology. McElwee explained that the startup offers a range of 4 thousand 40 thousand titles and languages that are relevant educational content in each country where they are present.

The project has been presented to several governments in order to show them that this is the most effective way to reduce illiteracy in the poorest countries, especially in Africa and India. We know that we are seven billion people in the world and 2 billion can not read and most companies work only 1 million. Given these figures, Worldreader is present at all levels to respond efficiently to this big problem.

Colin McElwee and Gemma Vallet

Realities to work with the schools the necessary tools for the poorest people to have access to education. For this reason generate agreements with the most important influences in the world to make this possible.

Its aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem, independent and scalable. In Africa, for example, there is a repression of terrorist groups scarier continent called Boko Haram, which prohibits (especially girls) to have access to education. Since Worldreader believed that education is the only way out of poverty.

Through this app we select electronics to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they need within a wide range of options. According to Colin McElwee, the most important one is the entrepreneurial tenacity and this is a key point that is doing much get away. From La Salle-URL thanked all attendees LSBreakfast and especially the co-founder of Worldreader to present us his charity project. You can look at the pictures of this 79th edition of La Salle Breakfast.

Video of 79th edition of La Salle Breakfast