15 June 2017

4 of La Salle-URL masters, among the top Spanish universities, according to El Mundo ranking

Three masters of La Salle-URL, and a fourth given in collaboration with Blanquerna, are among the best in Spain in their respective branches of knowledge, according to the master 250 Ranking published today by El Mundo.

This list, prepared annually by this newspaper, selects the five best graduate programs in 50 different specialties. The publication aims to raise awareness among students information on these courses, career opportunities, the practices offered by the universities and the duration of the programs. This year, La Salle masters that appear Ranking are:​

To develop the ranking, the World has analyzed more than a thousand master's State belonging to fifty specialties, and later were considered the five best universities to study these 50 degrees. The ranking is the result of the analysis of 25 criteria, divided into five sections: demand for master human resources, curriculum, syllabus, results and material resources. Likewise, it has also taken into account the assessment of more than 750 experts, professors, students, graduates of the institutions and partners, through an anonymous survey, assess which are the best schools to teach qualifications, strengths and weaknesses of the university and the quality of the master, among others.