18 June 2018

300 students from the 3rd year of secondary school of La Salle Catalonia present their social entrepreneurship projects at the closing of EduEmprèn

Last Saturday, 16th of June, the EduEmprèn 2018 programme was successfully closed with the closing ceremony and awards ceremony that took place at the La Salle-URL Campus. EduEmprèn, "Observe, Propose and Transform", is a social entrepreneurship workshop organised by La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, in collaboration with La Salle Catalonia, in which nearly one of them participated throughout the course.200 students from 3rd of ESO of 15 schools of La Salle Catalonia: La Salle Bonanova, La Salle Cassà de la Selva, La Salle Figueres, La Salle Girona, La Salle Horta, La Salle Manlleu, La Salle Mollerussa, La Salle Montcada, La Salle Premià, La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners, La Salle Sant Celoni, La Salle Seu d'Urgell, La Salle Torreforta, La Salle Reus and La Salle Comtal.

At the closing ceremony, 65 projects by almost 300 of these students were presented. They presented their work publicly with an exhibition before a jury, an explanatory video (visible on La Salle-URL's Youtube channel) and a poster. After the jury's deliberation, the four prizes were awarded. The best project was La Salle Bonanova's FoodSelf. Conceived by students Greta Galcerán, Ariadna Navarro, Lorena Plazas and Mireia Oltra, the project is an application that scans the products you want, the ones you have in the kitchen, and from these recommends recipes, thus avoiding food waste. The award for the best presentation was for Escape Room, by La Salle Manlleu's team of Martina Bonet, Gina Montada, Adriana Rodríguez, Lluc Solé and Anna Torner. The project is based on the idea of creating an Escape Room on the downpour of Manlleu in 1940, set at the time when La Salle Manlleu was a boarding school, and with part of the entrance fee for social purposes. The prize for the best poster was Help-U by La Salle Reus, for the students Joan Dalmau, Tomàs Durà, Pere Escoda, Sara Santana and Marina Ortí. Help-U is aimed at those people who need help on time to carry out daily tasks with a personal assistance service by the hour and at home. Finally, the jury distinguished La Salle Figueres' Koux project with the prize for the best video. The team, made up of Isaac Parras, Biel Ferrer and Bruno Rollon, has designed a computer device that can be used to write and work without a keyboard.

The aim of EduEmprèn is to prepare young entrepreneurs committed to their environment and give them the tools to create their own social entrepreneurship project, finding a real problem in their environment, seeing its viability and transforming it into a reality. The projects presented address many areas such as health, food, education, social inclusion, and waste and recycling.