12 November 2018

1,400 secondary school students from La Salle Catalunya to take part in a social entrepreneurship workshop, the EduEmprèn project, for the third year

La Salle-URL's EduEmprèn project is to be held for the third year, with participation numbers smashing that of previous years. This week on 7 and 8 November, 1,400 14-15 year olds from 19 schools in the La Salle Catalunya network came together on the La Salle-URL Campus to take part in the launch event of the social entrepreneurship project, which aims to stimulate entrepreneurial skills among young people.

Specifically, students took part from La Salle Bonanova, La Salle Cassà de la Selva, La Salle Comtal, La Salle Figueres, La Salle Girona, La Salle Gràcia, La Salle Horta, La Salle La Seu d'Urgell, La Salle Manlleu, La Salle Manresa, La Salle Mollerusa, La Salle Montcada, La Salle Premià de Mar, La Salle Reus, La Salle Sant Celoni, La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners, La Salle Tarragona, La Salle Torreforta and Vidal i Barraquer.

Due to the high number of participants, the session was held over two days. Attendees were able to listen to the experiences and projects of some of the winning groups from last year’s edition, with a dynamic based on the Candy Model, which identifies a challenge, puts forward solutions, makes a prototype and presents it.

Academically, the project is part of the Faig Project of La Salle schools. Throughout the rest of the school year, students will be working on their own social entrepreneurship project while benefitting from advice from La Salle Technova, the La Salle-URL innovation park, and in mid-June the finished projects will be presented at the La Salle-URL Campus, as part of the closing ceremony and awards event.

Under the slogan "Observe, Propose and Transform!" the goal of EduEmprèn is to further prepare young entrepreneurs who are committed to their surrounding environment, and give students the tools to create their own social entrepreneurship project, as they identify a real problem in their community, assess its viability and make it a reality. La Salle-URL has already begun to internationalise EduEmprèn's project, and this summer it was carried out for the first time in Brazil with our support.