30 July 2019


12 of La Salle-URL's Master's and Postgraduate courses have placed in the Eduniversal Best Master’s & MBA 2019 Ranking, 3 more than last year.

The courses awarded are:

  The Official Master’s in Comprehensive Construction Management, which remains Spain's number 1 degree in the field, and which has risen two places worldwide, standing at 57 in the Real Estate Management (Construction) category

· The Official Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering in the Corporate Communication category, where we ranked 7th in Spain and 47th in the world.

· The Postgraduate in Digital Marketing, which climbed one place to 4th in Spain in its category, eBusiness & Digital Marketing, and went from 48th worldwide to 21st.

  The Master's in User Experience continued to place in the ranking in the eBusiness & Digital Marketing category, and is rated 12th in Spain and 59th in the world.

· The MBA Full Time (MIBA) is ranked 6th in Spain and is considered 62nd best in the International Management category and 50th in the Full Time MBA category

· Our Official Master’s in Information and Communication Technologies is ranked 3rd in Spain and 40th in the world in the Information Systems Management category

· Our Master's in Social Media Branding & Strategy is ranked 6th in Spain and 57th in the world in Marketing

· The Master’s in Supply Chain Management & Technology has improved from 6th to 4th best in Spain, and from 97th to 96th place worldwide in the Supply Chain and Logistics category

· The Master’s in Cybersecurity is ranked 7th in Spain in the Business Intelligence and Strategy category and 49th worldwide

  Health ManagementThe Master's in eHealth has kept its position as 4th best in Spain, and improved its rating from 85th to 82nd best worldwide

· The Master's in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency is ranked 3rd best in Spain and 42nd in the world in the Energy and Natural Resources category

· The Master’s in Big Data has kept its place as 5th best in Spain in its category and is 47th worldwide.

More information can be found at the following link.