Jessie Caridad Martín Sujo

Jessie Caridad Martín Sujo
Departamento de Ingeniería

Jessie Martín Sujo is a doctoral student at La Salle. She is member of the DS4DS research group. Jessie Martín got the degree in Computer Engineering at the Technological University of Havana in 2013. After that, she completed 3 posgraduate degrees: Project Management, Improvemnt of the Software Development Process, Research Methods. Later, she got master´s degree in Data Science from Ramon Llull University (URL) in 2019.

Academic and professional experience at national and international level: Cuba | Spain.

Their research areas are: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analysis and Visualization


The project searches for a solution for digital media companies that allows them to be transformed into data driven organizations  to imp...