Students will develop technology-based enterprise ideas that evolved during the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital course of last semester. These ideas will be developed to cover all the essential parts of a business plan and investor pitch besides we will look at high profile ventures with varying levels of success in recent years, as well as less well known entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives from which we can learn.
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We'll map the practical steps of organizational and legal issues associated with forming a brand new company, and we'll address the strategic considerations for creating companies that can quickly define and dominate a new category or disruptive technology.


Below you can find a Schedule:

Topic 1 BIC/ Course Introduction, tutorials and marketing plan preparation.

Topic 2 Marketing plan tutorials.

Topic 3 Marketing and Operational plan strategies.

Topic 4 Operational plan tutorials.

Topic 5 Financials and cash flow forecast.

Topic 6 Business plan preparation tutorials.

Topic 7 Business plan feedback tutorials.

Topic 8 Case study: Polyphonic HMI/ Introduction to Pt.2 and book choices.

Topic 9 IP/ Johari exercise/ Possible guest speaker.

Topic 10 Festival Week/ Entrepreneurial Teams.

Topic 11 Book presentations.

Topic 12 Bootstrapping/ Unicorns – case studies.

Topic 13 And final thoughts on entrepreneurship.


The learning experience is based on a range of teaching methods that seek to foster students’ understanding of technology-based startups and the process of putting together a business plan and the investor pitch.

The methodology includes lectures, exercises, activities, presentations and, in general, active participation from students. There will also be regular tutorials.


The Course grade will be based on the following point breakdown:

20% Attendance and participation

35% Business Plan deliverable

10% Case study analysis- Polyphonic HMI

35% Final exam

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Bibliografía básica

Students will be assigned readings about entrepreneurial projects.

Other required readings will be distributed in class or posted on e-study.

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