At La Salle Campus Barcelona people are the most important thing, that's why we have scholarships and financing programs aimed at new candidates for undergraduate degrees and master's or postgraduate degrees and specialization courses.

Scholarship and Economic support Plan

Any aspiring student can benefit from the Scholarship plan with extraordinary conditions once their application is accepted, depending on the date on which they formalize the reservation fee.

For the current academic year 2020-2021, they are allocated more than 3 million euros to the fund of grants and scholarship funds for new undergraduate students, master and postgraduate or specialization courses. We want to help our students and their families and the professionals and their companies so that they can continue their education.

Furthermore, because we believe in talent and the ability to innovate to meet future challenges and improve the world, we will invest 2 million euros in research and entrepreneurship projects, helping and supporting companies.


You can also check the different financing options for new undergraduate degree students.

You can also check the different financing options for new Master and Postgraduate students.