Double degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and Philosophy la salle campus barcelona

Double degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and Philosophy

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Once you have finished this Double Degree you will be able to obtain a multidisciplinary and flexible perspective:

  • Understand and use the precise terminology, appropriate resources and adequate documentation to formulate well-argued critical reasoning and judgments in each of the disciplinary areas of the degree.
  • Identify and analyse the ethical factors present in conflict situations relevant to the current philosophical, political-social and economic situation, contrasting the most outstanding theoretical proposals through deliberation and dialogue.
  • Have a good knowledge of the philosophical and humanistic field of the western tradition. Deepen the dialogue and transmission of philosophy.
  • Identify and analyse the most significant elements that make up and configure the different social realities in order to interpret and explain them from a systemic approach through holistic models specific to the areas of knowledge of the degree (philosophy, politics and economics).
  • Select the appropriate theoretical principles of the main theories and approaches worked in the degree to argue from different perspectives and support such arguments through the use of methodologies of analysis, paradigms and concepts of the Social and Human Sciences.
  • Interrelate the different theories involved in the disciplines of the degree and the proposals (political, economic, sociological) that explain the organization of contemporary societies.
  • Analyse philosophy, politics and economics considering the different disciplines of the degree through the identification of problems, the collection and analysis of data and the interpretation of results.
  • Identify, contrast and evaluate in different political programs which elements of their proposals are aimed at improving social life, using the appropriate methodological tools.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts developed in the field of philosophy, politics and economics, applying them to tasks of critical and argued reflection on a concept, theme or notion of the philosophical, historical, political, economic or social field.
  • Formulate problems of political, economic and social content, identifying the necessary sources for the elaboration of a diagnostic analysis of the situation and propose a synthesis of the results obtained.
  • Make judgments that include ethical reflection on fundamental questions of a philosophical, political, social and economic nature in a representative context of international and local society.
  • Analyse the socioeconomic aspects involved in current social policies, both those affecting the public and private spheres, in order to assess and compare the possible benefits and expected returns.
  • Know the main institutions, processes and policies of the different countries, to analyse and evaluate possible international policy scenarios, applying the comparative method.