21 February 2024

Two master's degrees from La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, among the outstanding courses in digital creativity according to the Generalitat de Catalunya

The list of master’s degrees is published by the Cultura Digital blog of the Direcció General d’Innovació and Cultura Digital from Departament de Cultura of Generalitat de Catalunya

Two of the master's degrees currently taught on campus are among the ten courses in digital creativity highlighted by the Cultura Digital blog of the Generalitat de Catalunya. These are the new Master of Science in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies, and the Master in Animation and Visual Effects. This recognition reinforces the position of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull as a reference university in creative technologies and digital art. The article highlights that in the face of constant changes in the virtual context it is important to keep up to date and train. In this sense, from the Direcció General d’Innovació and Cultura Digital of the Generalitat de Catalunya, they propose ten university programs focused on art and digital creativity in order, as they explain, "to fit into a changing environment, since studying a master's o postgraduate allows you to acquire new tools and connect with the sector in order to provide solutions to current and future challenges".

  • The Master of Science in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies explores the creative synergies that converge between the artistic field, science and technology, analyzing communication from an interdisciplinary perspective in constant evolution. The program, directed by Xavier Bové and coordinated by Albert Barqué-Duran, provides an environment specifically designed for artistic expression to become a field of experimentation and reflection on avant-garde concepts and instruments.
  • The Master in Animation and Visual Effects allows you to develop knowledge within the specialization areas of Digital Arts for Animation, Visual Effects or Advanced Animation, with the aim of achieving a higher level that allows you to position yourself as an expert and access new opportunities in the labour market.

The recognition of the masters taught at La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull reaffirms the commitment made by the campus in areas such as creativity, innovation and research, something that will continue to grow with the upcoming opening of new Interactive & Science Laboratory (IASlab), a multi-sensory laboratory that studies the interaction between the real and the virtual world and will complement a unique university ecosystem.