library humanism and transcendence

PhD in Humanism and Transcendence

Official name
PhD in Humanism and Transcendence
Modality On-site
Duration 3 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 0-ECTS
Start Date September 2022
Schedule -
Location Barcelona

The Universidad Pontificia Comilla and the La Salle Faculty of Philosophy - Ramon Llull University have developed a joint doctorate program backed by a long history of research training in the field of Philosophy in the core areas it addresses: on the one hand, in philosophical investigation of the human in all its dimensions, in interdisciplinary dialogue with the human, social and natural sciences; and on the other, in the deepening of the issues of transcendence and meaning, both in the first-philosophical research in the strict sense, and in its dialogue with the sciences of religions and culture.

The students develop their individual research projects directed by a teaching staff of the respective institutions, while transversal skills are promoted in research workshops and seminars. The aim is thus to guarantee that the doctoral student acquires the expected research and professional skills with the achievement of advanced publications in academic circles.

The Doctorate program in PHILOSOPHY: HUMANISM AND TRANSCENDENCE is issued by the Ministry of Education.

The duration of the doctoral studies is 4 years for a full-time candidate and 7 years for a part-time candidate, from the admission of the doctoral studies to the defense of the thesis. It is estimated that 30% of the students would take the program full time and 70% would take it part time.

It is a face-to-face program, located in Barcelona and Madrid, depending on the University in which the student enrolls.

The program is offered in 2 languages, Catalan and Spanish.

There are 15 places available a year.