Course in Construction Project Management

Ensure success in managing your construction projects

Official name
Course in Construction Project Management
Modality Online Guided Learning
Duration 1 Month
Language Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 5-ECTS
Start Date 18 November 2024
Schedule Synchronous sessions, Monday and Thursday from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location Barcelona

The construction industry stands out for its complexity, characterized by a wide range of variables and active stakeholders. From material management to coordinating with suppliers, keeping a construction project organized and in line with established timelines and budgets requires considerable effort.

Teams assigned to these projects may come from various organizations, adding another level of complexity. Projects in the construction sector encompass a wide variety of activities, ranging from expanding sales to new geographical markets to constructing infrastructure such as buildings and bridges, as well as real estate developments and civil works, both public and private.

In this environment, it is essential to have an effective application that allows for detailed tracking of work, team members, and deliverables. Additionally, special attention must be paid to project constraints and safety aspects.

Our Online Course in Construction Project Management focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of the inherent peculiarities of this field. It stands out as one of the most successful sectors in applying Project Management technologies, offering the tools and skills necessary to ensure success in managing construction projects.

The Online Course in Construction Project Management is part of a broader itinerary, the Program in Construction Project Management (15 ECTS) from La Salle-URL.


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