19 September 2023

Dr. Guiomar Corral, new Director of La Salle Digital Engineering School

The designation comes at a time of growth and evolution of the center to continue responding to the needs of the digital society

Dr. Guiomar Corral is, since this month of September, coinciding with the beginning of the 23-24 academic year, the new Director of La Salle Digital Engineering School (ETSELS). In this way, he takes over from Dr. Xavier Senmartí, Director for the last 17 years and responsible for consolidating ETSELS as a university benchmark in the field of engineering and information and communications technologies (ICT). La Salle Campus Barcelona is a pioneering center in the delivery of engineering and technology studies for more than 100 years.

The appointment serves to give a boost to the La Salle Digital Engineering School, which continues to evolve to train the digital professionals needed by society and the labor market of the present and future. Dr. Guiomar Corral, who is the first woman to lead the center, will promote the reorganization of the ETSELS program portfolio to adapt it to new realities and demands. It will do so on the basis of the School's historical studies, both in engineering and ICT, and adding programs of a more innovative, creative and artistic nature, such as the consolidated degrees in Animation & VFX and Digital Arts.

At the same time, Dr. Corral will lead the development of the School's methodological model within the framework of the La Salle-URL ecosystem, a university campus with diverse areas of knowledge that promotes a comprehensive education based on technology and humanism. "We will continue to strengthen the projection of the ETSELS and its relationship with the key actors in society, especially with companies, while we will promote research by taking advantage of the unique infrastructures of the campus, such as the Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia (IoTiCAT) and the future Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory (IASlab), a reference laboratory in Europe for the audiovisual and multisensory industry," explains the new Director of the La Salle-URL School of Engineering.

Doctor in Computer Engineering and expert in telecommunications

​Dr. Guiomar Corral until now held various positions of responsibility at La Salle-URL: Academic Director of the Engineering degrees; Director of Teaching, Student and Language Policy; and member of the ETSELS Center Council. Additionally, she is a researcher at the La Salle-URL SmartSociety research group and specializes in cybersecurity in networks and Internet technologies, as well as in the application of artificial intelligence to solve problems related to security, both in smart electrical networks and in IoT networks. She has a doctorate in Information and Communication Technologies and their Management from La Salle-URL (2009), MBA (2017) and an Electronics engineer (1998) also from La Salle-URL.