Javier de Diego Rodríguez

Javier de Diego Rodríguez
Correu electrònic
Sant Jaume Hilari
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona

Javier de Diego received his MSc. in Psychology from Universitat de Barcelona and his International MBA from La Salle Campus Barcelona, Universitat Ramon Llull.
Currently is the Career Services Manager of La Salle Campus Barcelona since 2002, supporting students & alumni to develop their Professional Career. He also is Project Manager and Business Developer in the Corporate Services Department and team member at the Human Resources Department. Javier is the supervisor of all company internships in the Campus, and Professor of the External Internship Subjects in the Engineering Degrees. At the same time, collaborates as speaker in different academic programs in the HR and Career Development field. From 1998 to 2002 he developed his professional career as a HR Consultant, specialized in Corporate Organization, Recruitment, Training, Evaluation, Professional Development and Coaching, specifically in the IT, industrial and Communication Areas, and he's still collaborating in some consultancy projects in this areas.