At La Salle Campus Barcelona we are committed to technology and innovation in all our programs, whether they are degrees, masters or courses. We adapt the Campus to the needs of society at all times, making the future of our students a reality and offering a unique learning experience.

With our own and active learning by challenge methodology, we promote learning through real challenges. These challenges are raised both by companies and by entities or institutions of the industry.

The Campus makes technological facilities, specialized laboratories and teaching materials available, promoting the exchange of knowledge and transversality between areas. We promote the entrepreneurial profile of our students and value their work.


Design Studio

The Design Studio is an open area for teaching and learning architecture. A space for activating transversal and collective between students and teachers that uses the pedagogical method of learning by doing.

The teaching of architecture is based on an abstract knowledge that includes the thought and interpretation of what is looked at and analyzed, in order to later build. At the Design Studio we promote the entrepreneurial and critical spirit of our students through projects and online work.

The first space for future architects in Spain follows three main axes: igue tres ejes principales: design, technique and culture. These values form the deep-rooted university tradition of sharing knowledge and awareness in all areas. The Design Studio promotes the learning formula of La Salle-URL - learning by doing through projects and work that focus not only on successful results, but also on the processes of our students.

Professors and students coexist within the Design Studio, promoting a transdisciplinary experience between the different areas of knowledge of La Salle URL.

The space projects thw works carried out by our students, turning it into an exhibition center that manifests the essence of our students:

  • Committed
  • Practical
  • Ready for the challenges
  • Digital transformers
  • Connected 

At La Salle URL we have extended the Design Studio so that all our students can access and develop their projects. An expansion based on the practical and differential approach of the Campus, encourages the innovative profile of our students.   

The Design Studio now has two open spaces, designed to promote collaborative learning between students and teachers in aspects of architecture.   

A Campus with a strong international spirit defined by the transversality in all areas of knowledge, where national and international students from different courses share spaces and work on projects together.  


The entrepreneurial and innovative nature of La Salle-URL is reflected in the active spirit of our students. Throughout the academic experience, technology is one of the identifying elements, maintaining it in each of the programs and projects.

To encourage innovation, we integrate architectural design with the contributions of construction technologies, environmental analysis, mapping practices, representation tecniques, or conceptualization tools, among other areas of knowledge.

In this way, students can carry out transversal projects relying on students from other areas through knowledge and experiences.


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