The UserLab was the first Usability laboratory in Spain. In 2005, it received an award for Digital Innovation at the IGC (Internet Global Congress). The activities conducted in this laboratory are related to the Usability and UX R&D area.

This lab contains the following equipment:

Test Rooms:

Equipped with a TV closed circuit, digital edition software for analysis of behavior data, and unidirectional mirrors that allow observing from the other side.

Domestic room:

Reproduction of a domestic environment (living room with TV, video games, TDT and TVD receptors, computer with Internet connection and mobile devices).

Focus Group Room:

Reproduction of a working environment (for group dynamics).

Observation Rooms:

With capacity for 10 experts evaluating simultaneously the users through the unidirectional mirrors.

Mobile Laboratory:

Equipped with tripods and several cameras.

Control Center:

For recordings, camera control and video editing. The laboratory is equipped with latest user monitoring technologies including Eyetracking.