New spaces, tools, practices and forms have arisen as a result of the impact of digital transformation. Today, artists and animators reshape their works using practices unknown until the digital age.

The growing digital frontier opens new opportunities for artists and animators. At La Salle URL we empower the future of our students by adapting campus labs to current needs.   

The MediaLab is a unique space on campus aimed at capturing 3D image and motion in one place. Through digital technologies, we combine a conventional TV set with chroma key and an 8-camera VICON motion capture system so that students can study how people interact with each other and the environment around them.   

Our goal is to develop a better understanding of human movement to improve design principles for future generations. 

Motion capture:   

MediaLab is set up so that all students have access to and can experiment with human motion and the available tools.   

The facility of the space includes 8 high resolution and high-speed cameras ready to capture the simultaneous movement of different actors in a 20m2 capture area.   

TV set:   

On the other hand, the TV set is prepared to use 4 cameras synchronously (digital and high definition) on a 20m2 set. MediaLab also includes a chroma key and augmented reality for recording TV programs. 

Virtualization system:  

  • 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5220R CPUs @ 2.20GHz  

  • 768 GB RAM  

  • 4 10GBASE-T ports  

  • NVIDIA Quadro RTX8000 48GB  

IP video:  

  • NDI PTZ cameras with remote control (3 Units).  

  • Servers (physical and virtual) containing:  

  • NDI video mixer with DANTE inputs and outputs.  

  • 3D rendering engine:  

  • Up to three simultaneous 1080p cameras.  

  • Generation of virtual environments and augmented reality.  

  • 4-channel NDI 1080p playout.  

  • Two simultaneous videoconferencing systems  

  • NDI Router with 20 inputs and 24 outputs (2 Units)  

  • RTMP server and live video transcoding  

  • NDI multiscreen up to 16 windows (3 Units)  

  • NDI to HDMI converter (9 channels)  

  • Streaming to NDI format converter (4 channels)  

  • NDI <-> SDI converter (2 channels)  


  • YAMAHA 01V96 V2 audio mixing console with DANTE expansion card.  

  • Yamaha Tio 1608-D audio interface.  

  • Shure PG185 Lavalier wireless microphones (2 units).  

  • Senheiser EW100 G3 wireless handheld microphones (2 units).  

  • InEar System.  

Non-linear editing:  

  • Virtualized editing stations (5 units):  

  • 8vCPU, 64GB RAM, RTX8000P-4Q.  

  • 29" UltraWide displays  

  • Automatic file encoding system using "hotfolders" 

  • Hybrid storage bidirectionally synchronized with the cloud 

  • Digital asset manager integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud 


  • Strand lighting 200 PHILIPS Light control panel.  

  • Fresnel Tungsten 650W FILMGEAR (10 units).  

  • ICE Light fluorescent (10 units).  

SDI video:  

  • HD studio cameras: 2 x GY-HD251E JVC. Digital video 1080i @60/50, 720p @60/50/24.  

  • HD studio camera: GY-HM790E JVC. Digital video 1080i @60/50, 720p @60/50/24.  

  • Camera control units: 3x JVC rm-hp250 CCU with RCP. HDSDI/SDI.  

  • HD video mixing console: Panasonic AV-HS400 with HDSDI and DVI interfaces.  

  • Control and communications: Panacea Lite P-12x1 Matrix, Intercom CLEARCOM MS-232,  

  • LYNX Rack with:  

  • Dual AES HD/SD Multiplexer  

  • ANALOG TO SDI Converter  

  • DUAL HD/SD Frame synchronizer  

  • ANALOG VIDEO Distribution amplifier  

  • Down converter W/SD Analogs Outputs  

  • 50" Screens in Control (3 Units).  

  • 70" Screens in Stage (2 Units).  

La Salle URL is one of the Spanish universities with access to this type of laboratories. Our technological and innovative DNA positions us as a reference in creative areas such as Art and Animation