The school is equipped with a workshop and a warehouse and an exhibition space for scale models located at Sant Josep building, first floor, Campus La Salle Barcelona. This space is access free for all ETSA students, always under supervision. Students can use tools, stock and exhibit their models in room Q9, contiguous to the workshop.


The study plan of the degree of Technical Architecture and Construction and the degree of Architecture include Model Workshop, an optional subjects worth 3 ECTS. The teacher responsible for this subject is also responsible for the workshop.


This subject was created due to the need of the students for learning, developing and understanding how to conceive physical architectonic models. The purpose of the subject is that students work on their own projects; the different scales of a project and specific manipulation techniques on a wide range of materials. Main objectives are working the sense of scale, the purpose of the project, the level of abstraction, communication and project related process.


Students improve their knowledge and skill developing architectonic models. They will learn and master the traditional working techniques allowing them to use the models as a communication channel. This way students will be able to share conceptual messages (ideas, motives, information, experiences,…) and also practical ones (façade, interior studies, volumes,…)


Also, students will learn to select and combine features to develop a model in line with the projects (materials, scale, colors, textures,…) making a model that fits the function. Students will learn to use models as a tool that will help them to check any point of interest in which they may be working. This way they will be able to develop and create clear, decisive and rapid models, projecting ideas and making decisions.