Within the program of operations co-financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), in the framework of the "Feder operational program of Catalonia 2014 - 2020", La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL is immersed in the adaptation of a new space, also with the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia, for the development of unique R&D infrastructure projects for the generation of search for excellence, talent attraction and knowledge transfer activities.

La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, awarded by the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the General Directorate of Research, for an amount of 1,015,272.33 euros (File ECO/1823/2015/2015-FEDER-S-12)

The Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia project will strengthen our ecosystem of innovation, transfer and research, to help develop, with society, the ideas that will drive our future. An action that, without a doubt, reinforces the style of La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL of orientation and vocation towards the training of the student.

This new infrastructure, which expands by 1800m2 the current area dedicated to research and innovation, will allow work on everything that links people's interaction with social and technological changes, with a focus on the Internet of Things and , by evolution, towards the Internet of the future.

Framed by the Barcelona Institute of Technology La Salle (BitLaSalle), the new project will allow students, teachers, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs to participate in solving industry challenges, together with companies, generating professionalizing experiences for our students.