La Salle Campus Barcelona, a founding member of the Ramon Llull University, is one of the world's most renowned educational institutions. Our success is based on the quality of education and our capacity to fully respond to the ever-changing needs of society. Our firm commitment to technology in all our undergraduate, Master and Intensive programs is our trademark.

These differential values set La Salle Campus Barcelona apart as a new university model, with a strong international vision and practical approach to learning, together with an advanced application of technology aimed at fomenting business innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.

  • International University of High Prestige: La Salle-URL has been Campus of International Excellence since 2015. We have obtained national and international recognition for the quality of our educational programs, which are based on a practical and differential methodology.
  • Learning by doing Methodology: The methodology that defines our courses is active, flexible and practical, designed to foment teamwork and to be applied to real in-company projects.
  • Professionally active Teaching Faculty: Our teaching faculty is made up of professionals who are active in their profession, recognized in their sector and specialized in their respective subject are.
  • We Are Focused on Technological Information: We have more than 30 specialized laboratories, fully-equipped with the latest technologies to carry out research and technological innovation.
  • Linked With the Labour Market: At La Salle, we are in touch with what companies need. We collaborate directly with more than 700 companies and students seeking career guidance can consult our Careers Department and Professional Development Services.