How to start the admission process

To complete your application you need to provide the following documents so that the Admissions Committee can assess your profile:

  1. Complete your application

  2. Documentation to be attached (scanned):

    • Photocopy of the Passport or National Identity Document.
    • Copy of the university degree (compulsory in university masters). If you have not completed your university studies at the time of completing the Admissions process, you must attach your university file.
    • Include CV if you want to expand the information.
  3. Personal Interview: If the admissions committee deems it necessary, we will call you for a personal interview on campus or online.

  4. Acceptance: In a maximum period of 8 days, after the submission of all required documentation, you will receive the official response to your request by email. In case of being accepted, we will provide all the necessary information to formalize your reservation.

  5. Reservation: once you have been accepted you can confirm your place by formalizing the payment of the reservation. The amount is € 1,500 for the on-site Master and € 800 for the online Postgraduates and Masters. The reservation means a part of the total amount of the Master. When the paiment is normalised, the University will charge you the rest of the amount.

  6. The places are granted by reservation order. After completing the existing places, the students are enrolled in the waiting list for the next call.

    ​This amount will only be refunded in case you cannot formally enroll in the University (eg not having the necessary qualification before the start or by refusal of visa).