This laboratory is a space where students may learn about home automation and its basis for working through the understanding and experimentation through guided practices using five home automation commercial systems and owners that make easier learning its fundaments.   

The Control Building laboratory is a space dedicated to develop domotic applications, using as main tool the KNX and LonWorks standards. It has computers connected by transducers to domotic networks that work on different kinds of physics mediums (carrier current, twisted pair, IR, etc.). Likewise, control and supervising systems are developed through the telephone, the TV or through the PC, whether directly or remotely (use of routers, Internet, etc.). 

The laboratory also has microcontroller recorders, EPROMs recorders, hardware development systems through FPGAs, domotics applications development panels, etc. 

The third space the BCNdigital Room, a space of 90m2 built based on the technology ability and sustainability where a real house environment is reproduced. It has several technologies, applications and implanted services in infrastructure, data, domotics, security, energetic management, acclimatization, audiovisual, among others.