Educate professionals with value and with values for companies and society, committed to the transformation of organizations and the development of a more just and sustainable world through their business management skills.

The FICEDLS is an academic center with an international scope that trains its students for the development of organizations based on the impact of technology, and the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Our vision aspires to progress towards excellence in providing knowledge for business management, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation, within an international university campus of guarantee and reference for our stakeholders, recognized for training people who play their part.

We want to be leaders in the generation and dissemination of knowledge, in teaching and research, that contribute to developing people with ethical principles and comprehensive capacities to manage global challenges, from interdisciplinary teams in an environment of diversity.


The FICEDLS in the development of its educational task is committed to the values proposed by La Salle, which affect the SOCIETY, SERVICE, and the ENVIRONMENT of the PEOPLE in our community.  


We are people with a fraternal spirit, with a culture of effort and personal improvement, rigor, and resilience, who are integrated into society guided by Christian humanism, transparency, social commitment, ethics, and dignity. We work from faith and with the hope of contributing to the transformation of society into a better world.


We are people who carry out their service with passion and a spirit of service to others. We work cooperatively, among equals, together, and by association, with an entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative attitude, fostering open, constructive, and mutually supportive debate.


We are people who respect the diversity of the environment, face discrimination with criteria of social inclusion, and respect the natural milieu by promoting fair trade and responsible and sustainable consumption.