A Distributed Vulnerability Detection System for WLANs

Guiomar Corral and Xavier Cadenas and Agustín Zaballos and M.Teresa Cadenas
First International Conference on Wireless Internet - WICON 2005
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The increasing popularity of wireless networks has openedorganizations up to new security threats and many traditionalcountermeasures are ineffective in dealing with them. Anynetworked system where security or privacy protection ofassets is valued needs security experts to protect and control it.There exists a need for an automated security system whichhelps security analysts to focus on critical points. This paper discusses the issues related to vulnerability assessment in wirelessnetworks and proposes a new distributed system to analyzesystem interactivity, security capability and vulnerability detectionin wireless networks. The design and implementation of this distributed vulnerability detection system for WLANs is alsopresented. This proposal is based on international best practicesfor security, the Open Source Security Testing MethodologyManual (OSSTMM). It is part of a wider system for automatingvulnerability detection not only for wireless but for wired networkscalled Consensus.