The research line in Interaction is focused on Digital Interface Design including User Experience, Interactive Learning and 3D Graphics and Animation.

Our research on Digital Interface Design is focused on creating some form of interface to allow humans to interact with objects. Our projects explore technologies such as Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Robotics and Computer Vision, as tools to facilitate digital interaction with objects. UX experience is at the core of Human-Computer Interaction research and some of the grand challenges for this field, such as realizing empathy and encouraging reflection, are part of our road map.

The goal of the Interactive Learning area is to provide the objects (or into a system associated to objects) with some form of artificial intelligence which can understand human behavior. Research in this area involves Object-grounded Learning through touch interaction, Machine Learning algorithms applied to interactive systems and Physics Simulation.

3D Graphics and Animation is carried out in areas such as perception of 3D quality and collaborative workflows, and novel graphical applications are created to target problems in applied fields. Our research focuses on emerging fields such as web based graphics, real-time animation, and VR; and takes advantage of La Salle's existing infrastructure, including a large permanent Motion Capture facility. Established fields, such as rendering, are also included as part of core research.